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Give Your Lip Perfect Care

Give your lip perfect care because it is very essential during the winter when it’s dry and chilly outside the lips are more likely to develop dried and cracked. Dryness can also be caused by extreme heat or wind. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to maintain your lips soft and smooth. This lip care routine will keep your lips looking great no matter what season it is.

Why Lip Care is Important

One of the most prominent aspects of the face is the lips. Lips that are soft, delicious, full-bodied, and pink can substantially enhance the visual   attractiveness. Although not everyone can achieve beautiful lips, if your lips are frequently dry or chapped, something is wrong with your lifestyle or lip care regimen.

The key to a youthful and healthy lip is important. Follow these easy steps!

Drink plenty of water
Your skin and lips need hydration, which is best accomplished by drinking enough water. It is vital to drink enough water to replace the moisture that has been lost from the skin and lips.

Avoid licking your lips
People lick their lips seeking quick comfort when their lips are somewhat dry. Saliva has a pH of over 8, whereas skin has a pH of 4.5, making it salty. Saliva provides immediate comfort, but it exacerbates the condition and aggravates dry lips in the medium to long term.

Avoid smoking
It causes dryness and darkening of the lips. Dark lips are common among chain smokers and coffee users. If not for general health reasons, reduce your coffee and smoking intake to improve the look of your lips.

Eat The Right Food
Good nutritious food is very important for perfect and healthy lips. Food gives the perfect vitamin to our skin therefore always try to eat healthy food like, green vegetables, Fruits and avoid too much fried food which may cause dryness to your lips.

Beauty Care Tips For Perfect Lips

Exfoliate Lips (Scrub)
Using a lip exfoliator on a regular basis aids in the removal of dead skin and promotes skin renewal.

1.Chocolate Lip Scrub removes dead skin cells, Reduce tan and darkness, Moisture dry lips, Make lips pink & soft.

2.Grapefruit Lip Scrub exfoliates dead skin, Nourishes your pout, Brightens your lips, reducing pigmentation, Enhances lip care absorption.


Apply Lip Balms
Keeping your lips hydrated will assist to keep them full and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Lip balm is essential for keeping lips smooth and young. Before night, use lip balm to keep your lips hydrated as they flush out toxins and preserve the new skin cells that are being formed! Lip balm can fill up your lips just by applying it. They really diminish in size once they’ve dried.

Apply Lip Tint
When compared to ordinary blush powder, lip tints are significantly lighter and more natural-looking. It has a lighter feel and is easy to blend with other cosmetics. More layers of the lip and cheek colour can be used for a dramatic effect. Lip tints made with natural ingredients are becoming increasingly popular. It comes all-natural and does not affect the skin in any way.

Apply Rose Dior Lip Oil
Rose Dior Lip Oil is a glossy lip oil that profoundly preserves and improves the lips, bringing out their natural color for a long time. Helps To moisturize & hydrate your lips, remove pigmentation problem from your lips, and hydrate your lips.

Splash Rose Gold Lip Oil
Splash Splash Rose Gold Lip Oil is a natural solution to heal and nourish cracked and dry lips.
It helps to moisturise & hydrate your lips, help to remove pigmentation problem from your lips, the light – weight is non-sticky & hydrate your lips, and suitable for all skin types.


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