In case you wish to return or exchange an ordered product, you must notify Sopure India within 48 hours (2 working days) of receiving the product. Only damaged products or products with defects received from Sopure India within 14 working days of the delivery date will be liable for refunds /returns. If the sealed damaged product is once used, opened, with tampered or missing serial number, Sopure India won’t accept returns and we won’t be responsible for it. Customers will be liable for the carrier charges for the replaced/reshipped products. Sopure India has all the rights to verify first whether the product that was requested to be returned is defective/damaged and based on that verification, Sopure India will choose either re-ship/to replace the product. The customer needs to have the order information and order receipt in order to return a product with its original packing. Exchanging a product with another is not acceptable in Sopure India policy. If the product we have in stock is unavailable for any reason, then a refund request will be initiated and the same also shall be acknowledged to the buyers through their registered email. The customer has to notify via email Sopure India within 24 hours of the product delivery in cases such as product missing, dead on arrival cases, and transit damage.


If a customer places an online order and Sopure India couldn’t ship the product to the customer for any reason like an unexpected sudden lack of inventory or any different reason from the retailer side’, the order will be automatically canceled and the amount will be refunded to the customer. Note: If the customer buys a product from the Sopure India website and he wants to cancel it without any reason then within 24 hours he can cancel it and the customer will get the refund in 48 hours The payment will not be processed by Sopure India until the customer receives the product they ordered and changes their status to a Delivered at Sopure India. If the product fails to be delivered within the period of time specified, the customer order will be canceled, and the amount will have to be refunded back to the customer. The customer needs to inform Sopure India within 24 hours of the product delivery in case of accessory missing, transit damaged, or dead on arrival cases.


Sopure India will be able to refund only returned products in case they are aligned with our return policy and in case the replacement is not possible, the products will be eligible for refunds. The customer needs to notify Sopure India within only 24 hours from the time of delivery in case of accessory missing, transit damage, and dead-on-arrival cases. If the product is mentioned on the website at an incorrect price or incorrect information due to typing error, Sopure India may either contact the customer to inform them about the right instructions or cancel the ordered product and may acknowledge the customer of the cancellation. In similar cases, Sopure India will refund the charged amount back to the customer if the payment was already received by Sopure India.