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Rose Quartz is the crystal of love and beauty. Metaphysically, Rose Quartz carries healing energy that opens your heart chakra and promotes self-love which is necessary when it comes to having glowing skin. It is designed to massage the face for relieving stress and tension while promoting lymphatic drainage. An ancient Chinese tool made up of natural rose quartz crystals that have been incorporated in skincare rituals as far back as the 7th century, this facial roller is designed to massage the face for a cooling sensation, anti-inflammatory, and lymph draining effect.

Experience the healing touch of 100% authentic and certified natural rose quartz crystal. This beautifully designed Face Rituals Rose Quartz facial roller is the ideal tool to provide a gentle, effective massage for your entire face and neck area. Using a massaging quartz roller often helps to release tension stored in your face. Gentle pressure and motion also promote circulation, which plumps and firm skin and gives you a glowing face. 

How to use it?

  • Before you begin, make sure your skin is clean and apply a facial oil or moisturizer of your choice.
  • Start from the base of your neck and roll upwards working against gravity.
  • From the center of the chin, roll upwards towards the ear in one direction.
  • Apply pressure of your choice all over the face moving in an upward direction.
  • Finish by rolling from the middle of the forehead out towards the temple.


Benefits :

  • Boosting blood circulation 
  • Reduce puffiness 
  • Removes Dark Circles


Pure Natural Rose Quartz Crystal

Suitable :

Suitable for all skin type

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Rose Quartz Roller

  1. Sashi Pal

    “I just love this roller it’s cold you don’t need to keep in fridge to cool it it just become cool by itself which shows that it’s a real rose quartz “

  2. Sita Bohra

    This is give cooling effects on my face i am so relaxing 😌 must buy

  3. Parvani Nayak

    Received the product in good condition. It is exactly what is shown in the picture. I’ve been using it daily ever since.

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