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Skin Care Tool For Best Treatment

Skincare is very essential for everyone for perfect and healthy skin, especially your face which is the highlight of your personality. Your face is your identity and it needs perfect care not only for good looks but also for inner beauty that is proper circulation. For your skin treatment there is a tool to apply on your face that is Guasha, it will leave your face brighter, happier, and tighter.
Gua Sha is scraped over the skin in upward strokes to relax tense muscles and encourage tissue drainage. Gua Sha is a Chinese medicinal treatment that is frequently used on the body, especially the neck and back. Facial Gua Sha is a modified version of this treatment that is softer, kinder, and better suited to the face. The method helps to break down adhesions and improve tissue circulation. Gua Sha is commonly used on the back and neck, but it may also be used on other parts of the body, including as the ribs, the front of the chest, around the joints, and anyplace else where pain and stiffness are present. Gua Sha for the face is a variation of the original method.
A massage tool that focuses on moving energy around your body & alleviating it.
Helps in lymphatic drainage
Boosts immunity
Improves perimenopausal symptoms
Reduces neck & shoulder pain
Diminishes cellulite appearance
Eases body muscles

Where to apply Gua Sha

Neck– Beside Spine, Base of Neck up to Hairline.
Shoulder– Top of Shoulder to Ear.
Neck– Beside Throat, Base of collarbone up to Jawline.
Chin– Underneath chin to Earlobe.
Face– Across Jawline, Jaw Muscles, Cheeks, Under Eye, Eyebrows.
Forehead– Eyebrows up to Hairline.

Types of Gua Sha and its Benefits 

There are many various types of Gua Sha available you can pick any of Jade Gua Sha tool those as per your requirement . Here we have two different Gua Sha that is Rose Quartz Gua Sha and Jade Gua Sha
sopure- gua-sha
Rose Quartz Gua Sha
The Rose Quartz Gua Sha tool flows across the skin, encouraging lymphatic drainage and improving skin smoothness while also eliminating small wrinkles. The gadget helps reduce stress and improves the absorption of skincare products on the skin’s surface by gently applying pressure.
Jade Gua Sha
Jade Gua Sha promotes the best kind of skin rejuvenation, This Guasha also helps lymphatic drainage, which helps to minimise puffiness and wrinkles and It promotes circulation and energy, providing a much-needed boost to your complexion’s freshness and radiance.

How to use Gua Sha

To improve the glide of the gua sha instrument and nourish the skin, start with a clean face and prepare it with a facial oil or serum.
  • Begin with the forehead, keeping the instrument flat on the face. Scrape from the eyebrows to the hairline in an upward motion.
  • Scrape the cheeks in an upwards motion, starting at the crease of the nose and ending at the ear.
  • Move to the jawline and utilise the two curves on the end of the gua sha tool. Begin scraping from the chin and work your way up to the ear. To relieve stress, gently massage the gua sha instrument into the ear.
  • Scrape the gua sha from the inner corner of the eye outwards to the temple for the under-eye region. Because the region is so delicate, only minimal pressure should be used.

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